BoHaG in Bhutan

Band of Hope & Glory (BoHaG), whilst normally based in Perth, Western Australia, has been reincarnated in Bhutan. Christine & Steve Hogan have been joined by Harry van der Heide, a professional pianist from the Netherlands who contributes keyboard & percussion.

BoHaG in Bhutan

BoHaG 1

The ethnic mix of the new line up is reflected in the band being renamed Band of Holland & Glory!

After the ball was over ..........

BoHaG 2

BoHaG in Bhutan's first "booking" was for a function hosted by the Netherlands consul to celebrate the birthday of the Queen of the Netherlands.

Steve is part of a group of volunteers who teach English language and computing to monks at Simtokha Dzong (Monastery).

The lessons are occasionally enlivened by the monks, seen here accompanied by Steve & Harry, singing songs such as Frere Jacques (in English) and Knick Knack Paddywhack .................

Monks at Simtokha Dzong ready to sing ...

BoHaG 3

.... and dance .....

BoHaG 4

.... the Patacake Polka.