Our temporary home at Taba:

Our first home in Bhutan is a modest 2.5 bedroomed house in the village of Taba, about 5 Km north of the capital Thimphu.

There is a very large garden, in excess of 2000 sq.m, containing over 30 apple trees

Our house in Taba

Taba House

Our house in Taba showing external decoration

Taba House

The house, as are almost buildings in Bhutan, is decorated externally in traditional style and with very wide eves..

The house is situated on the side of a hill with sweeping views down the Wang Valley.

View from our house in Taba

View from Taba House

The dogs!

Taba House

When we first moved in we discovered that we had inherited 2 dogs from previouse tenants. They have now been renamed Fatso & Blackhead shown here with Christine (she is the one on the right).

They sleep all day and bark & howl all night. We now lock them in the garage overnight, but have had to reinforce the doors as they have almost gnawed through the soft pine door frames.

Christine still sleeps in the house