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Home:             Perth, Western Australia

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Dr Christine Hogan is a facilitator, educator, consultant and author. She is committed to helping people to learn how to facilitate and to enhance innovations in facilitation through reflective practice, networking and research.


Christine is also an Adjunct Professor with the Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute in Perth, Australia. Christine has worked in Kiribati, Lao PDR, Thailand, Senegal, Abu Dhabi, Myanmar, Bhutan, Mongolia, Nepal, and Hong Kong. Christine is now focussing on cross-cultural communication in education, development work, sustainability projects and climate change adaptation and disaster preparedness.

Previously, Christine was a Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Development in the School of Management, Curtin University of Technology in Perth, Western Australia for thirteen years. She co-ordinated Graduate Human Resource Development Programmes and taught in the areas of Facilitation and Group Processes Skills, Conflict Resolution and Cross-cultural Communication.



Christine facilitates workshops in-house and at conferences for staff, managers, students and  service providers.



Christine's research focuses on facilitation, teaching and learning and climate change. She is also author of six books on facilitation.

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Past times

In her spare time Christine enjoys travelling and bush walking and dancing. She also plays English traditional music on piano accordion, hammered dulcimer and drum with the Band of Hope and Glory and the Mad Tatters Morris dance team.

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