In 1996 I researched and filmed a video on the experiences of Prem, a Nepalese student who had returned to Kathmandu after completing his Maters of Human Resource Development in Australia. The video was edited in Perth by Clive Jones and is now used for departing students.

Hogan C.F. (1996) "Prem's Story: the hero's return" Managing return culture shock in Nepal. A video for overseas students.

Other videos jointly produced. Clive Jones, Curtin University of Technology, producer, cameraman and editor.

"The Video Store" (1997) Co-produced with first year co-ordinators from the Curtin Business School. A case study

Hogan C. F., Murphy, E. and Pedigo, K. (1997) "Windmills of your mind". Mind Mapping and Six Thinking Hats

Pedigo, K., Hogan, C.F. and Murphy, E. (1997)"No bells here: managing the transition to university". Experiences of first year students 'through students' eyes'

Murphy, E., Pedigo, K. and Hogan C.F. (1997) "Words that work: essay writing for university students".

Hogan C.F. (1994) "My Journal: creative and reflective journal writing for students and managers".

Hogan C. F. (1993) "Collegial Support Groups" Autonomous learning groups.

Hogan C. F. (1994) "Study Shock: the last frontier-Strategies for students returning to study".

Hogan C.F. (1992) "Semi autonomous study groups" A student meeting facilitated by a student to illustrate how semi-autonomous study groups work.

Hogan C.F. (1992) "Don't think just do it: Case study of Westrail semi autonomous work groups".

Hogan C. F. (1991) "Experiential learning" Strategies to involve students in experiential learning.

Australian Institute of Management, Perth

Initiator and Project Co-ordinator with private film company to produce "Making Meetings Work" (1989).

Participation and Equity Programme, Technical and Further Education, Perth

Production of a video on interactive meetings entitled "Meetings that Work" with long-term unemployed youth (1985).