It's really hard to know what to say on a website, where to begin, what to put in (or out for that matter). So please feel free to jump around.

I'm Christine Hogan. I love learning through talking, listening, laughing, reading, writing, music, art, taking risks and travel.

Amongst other things, I'm a facilitator. I enjoy being in a facilitator role, even when things get tough. It stimulates my being. I also like to help other facilitators so that we can learn how to live and work together in peace. If we can all do this even on a small scale, surely the rest will follow? If it doesn't what will be left?

I live in Guildford, a suburb of Perth in Western Australia. Our home is situated beside the Swan River. I'm married to Steve and we live with George, our dog (a golden retriever) and Fink (an Abyssinian cat) and numerous spiders.

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